Project Description

“The cockroach still remains to be one of the most common household pest in SA and the world over”

“The general mindset to this day is still that of “bug killers” coming into your home and applying the most horrific smelling pesticides to effectively get rid of your infestation”


P3 utilises a modern odourless baiting program to safely and effectively eradicate your cockroach infestation.

This method creates a “domino effect” within the pest population and cockroaches pass on the insecticidal stomach poison contained in the bait by various means brought about by behavioural tendencies of the cockroach.

The BEST NEWS to you our valued client is that due this method of application there is absolutely NO preparation of your premises prior to the treatment.

P3’s treatments are backed by thorough inspections of your premises to maximise the areas of bait placements to obtain the desired results that you our client expects.

“ Whilst cockroaches are a common concern can deal with various other pest related issues that you may encounter. Be sure to specify when entering details on our CONTACT page”